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Resultant of Forces (Addition of Vectors)
Equilibrium of Three Forces
River and Boat
Reference Frames

Catch Up
Avoid Crash
Apply the Brakes
Combined Translation and Rotation
Newton's Second Law Experiment
Circular Motion
Circular motion: acceleration always perpendicular to velocity
Circulation Motion and Centripetal Force
Free Rolling and Circular Motion
Newton's Cannon
Kepler's Laws
Kepler's Second Law
Kepler's Third Law
Kepler Motion
Projectile Orbits and Satellite orbits
Let's make a solar system
Projectile Motion
The Bouncing Ball Applet
A Bouncing Balls Applet
Carousel (Centripetal Force)
Potential Energy
Frictional force
Pulley System
In which direction will it roll?
Lever Principle
Inclined Plane
Elastic and Inelastic Collision
Hydrostatic Pressure in Liquids
Buoyant Force in Liquids

2.Molekulová fyzika a termika
Kinetic Theory I
Gas Molecules Simulation Applet
Particles diffusion
Two-dimensional collisions
Einstein's Explanation of Brownian Motion
Brownian Motion
Brownian Motion (by Phillip Dukes)
Oscillating 3D Crystal
Crystal Structure
jPOWD Mineral Structures
Motion of Ideal Gas Molekules in a cylinder
Molecular Model for an Ideal Gas (German version)
Molecular Model of a Mixed Gas
Charles's Law
Carnot Cycle
Otto Cycle
Diesel Engine and Diesel Cycle
Carnot Cykle (Heat Engine)

3.Kmitání a vlnění
Simple Harmonic Motion
The Spring Pendulum
Spring Pendulum
Simple Pendulum
Coupled Pendula
Oscillating Membrane
Two-Coordinate Harmonic Oscillation
Lissajous Figures
Mass on a Spring
The relations between circular motion, simple harmonic motion and wave
Wave on a String
Stationary Wave
Angles of Reflection
the Doppler effect
The location of supersonic airplane
Transverse Wave and Longitudinal Wave
Single Slit Diffraction
Double Slit Interference
Forced Oscillations (Resonance)
Standing Longitudinal Waves
Doppler Effect

4.Elektřina a magnetismus
Charges and Fields
Electric Field Lines
Charging And Discharging A Capacitor
Water Rotates
Ohm's Law (Walter Fendt)
Ohm's Law
resistenze in serie
resistenze in parallelo
A Two-Resistor Circuit
A Four-resistor Circuit
effetto Joule
Hole Flow
Motion of a positive charge in uniform magnetic fields
Lorentz Force
Fun with Oscilloscopes

Charged Particles in a Magnetic Field
Basic Function of an Oscilloscope
Bending Beams I
Bending Beams II
Color and Color TV
RLC Resonance Circuit
Combinations of Resistors, Inductors and Capacitors
Three-phase AC motor: rotating magnetic field
Simple AC Circuits
Direct Current Electrical Motor
Phase (SHM)
Propagation of Electromagnetic Wave
Electromagnetic Wave

Refraction of Light
Thin Lens and Mirrors Demonstration
Spherical Lenses & Mirrors
Tenká čočka
Spojná čočka
Rozptylná čočka
Refracting Astronomical Telescope
Refraction and Reflection
Odraz a lom vlnění (Huygensův princip)
Dispersion of light with prism
Find the fastest Path
Fermat Principle
Total Internal Reflection
Image Formation by a Converging Lens
Image Formation by a Diverging Lens
Image Formation by a Diverging Mirror
Single Slit Diffraction
Light Dispersion through a Glass Prizm
Light Dispersion through a Glass Slab
Color Vision
Young's Double Slit Experiment
Refraction of Light
Reflection and Refraction with Huygens Wavelets
Prism Refraction
The Transmission of Wave through Dense media -- Reflection and Refraction
BlackBody Simulation
Making X-rays
Microwaves & Water

6.Atomová fyzika
The Laser
Rutherford Scattering: Thomson Model of an Atom
Rutherford Scattering
How can we see the structure of atom?
Absorption and Emission of Radiation by an Atom
Bohr Atom
Atomic Emission and Absorption
Let's play vith colored balls just like Quarks
Periodic Table
Atomic Spectra of Elements
Photoelectric Effect
Radioactive Decay Series
Law of Radioactive Decay
Nuclear Power Plant
Plank Radiation Formula

Celestial Poles
Apparent Movement of a Star
Animated Moon Phases
Binary Star Simulation
Eclipsing Binary Simulation
Stellar Evolution Simulation
Earth-Sun Applet